Electrolytical coated steel strip and sheet


Various grades according to

  • EN
  • ASTM
  • JIS
  • AS
  • individual grades


Double layers Single layers Different layers
ZE25/25 ZE25/0 ZE50/25
ZE50/50 ZE50/0 ZE75/25
ZE75/75 ZE75/0 ZE75/50
ZE100/100 ZE100/0

Types on surface

  • A (usual surface)
  • B (improved surface)

Surface treatment

  • oiled (O)
  • phosphated (P)
  • phosphated and chemically passivated (PC)
  • chemically passivated (C)
  • phosphated, chemically passivated and oiled (PCO)
  • chemically passivated and oiled
  • phosphated and oiled (PO)
  • no treatment (U)

Dimensions (depending on the specification)

Wide strip Slit strip
Thickness 0,30mm – 3,00mm 0,30mm – 3,00mm
Width 600mm – 2000mm from 20mm